07 July 2006


I'm going on vacation and won't be able to update for just over a week. I come home the 16th. I plan to type up some stuff and post it all on the 16th so make sure to check in then for updates then.

03 July 2006

Ben Wallace agrees to deal...with Chicago

The leader of the Pistons team is apparently headed to Chicago. After 6 succeful years in Detroit, including an NBA Championship, Big Ben has moved on. He will sign a 4 year 60 million dollar deal with Chicago.

Yzerman Set to Retire

After 23 years in the Detroit Red Wings Organazation, Captain Steve Yzerman is expected to announce his retirement today. A press conference is scheduled for 1pm today and Steve is expected to announce his retirement. After a long career with the Wings, in which he was captain for 20 of those years, his playing days appear to be done with. Check out espn.com for the entire story.

02 July 2006

Rogers and Pudge All Stars, Verlander Snubbed

Kenny Rogers and Pudge Rodriguez each made it to the All Star team for the American League. I don't have too much of a beef with the selections, but the one that makes me mad is the fact that Justin Verlander and Francisco Liriano both got robbed of All-Star spots. Mark Buehrle and Scott Kazmir did not deserve spots over Liriano and Verlander. Verlander has 10 wins and definitely deserves an All-Star spot, especially with his 3.13 ERA which is 2nd in the American League. Francisco Liriano has what would be the top ERA if he had enough innings. He is definitely a top 2 young pitcher in the game and deserves a spot over Kazmir and Buehrle. I sense some politics from Ozzie with the pick of Mark Buehrle because there were much more deserving picks like Verlander and Liriano. I feel that if one went, the other should have went and they both deserved spots over Kazmir and Buehrle.

30 June 2006

Lidstrom Stays in Detroit

The Detroit Red Wings kept an important piece to the puzzle today, signing four-time Norris Trophy winner, Nicklas Lidstrom, to a 2 year deal. Lidstrom will make 7.6 million dollars the next two seasons. That is a bargain price for Lidstrom who would have likely demanded the league maximum, 8.8 million, anywhere else he went. He decided to take the lower amount so the team could sign more players like Brendan Shanahan and Chris Osgood. Lidstrom will still remain the highest paid defenseman in the league, but its well worth it for his durability, leadership, and great hockey knowledge. With Steve Yzerman likely to announce a decision on his retirement tomorrow, it makes sure the Wings will bring back a good solid core of veteran leaders to next years team. Also, if Yzerman were to retire, Lidstrom would probably be the leading candidate to replace Yzerman and the Captain of the Red Wings.

29 June 2006

Dmitri Young Could be on his Way Back

After a hectic few months for Dmitri Young, he could finally be working himself back into the majors. After being in a Drug Rehabilitation program for what is suspected alcohol use he has been place on the Tigers Triple A affiliate in Toledo. I am somewhat worried about the prospects of Dmitri possibly rejoining the Tigers. He strikes out alot, doesn't put the ball in play enough, and doesn't have the power he used to. I realize we need a left handed bat, but Dmitri Young is not the solution. The biggest reason I believe he shouldn't come back is he has always been sort of a clubhouse cancer. He's the Tigers Rasheed Wallace, except his play can't back up his mouth. I believe it was 2 Spring Trainings ago when he said that they should stop calling them the "Kitties" and calling them the "Tigers". He also said that this was the Indians and Tigers division now and that the White Sox and Twins were old news. Now, I don't mind something like that if your going to back it up, like Rasheed usually does, but he just wants attention and never has anything relevant to say. He seems to be a clubhouse cancer and I believe that he should not be allowed back onto the Tigers Major League Roster.

Rookie surprises for the Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are baseball's most improved team, best team, and a team primed for its first postseason trip since the early 1990's. What has kept the Tigers going this year you might ask. Well it has to be our rookie sensations. Curtis Granderson, Justin Verlander, and Joel Zumaya have all been phenomenal this year. Curtis may not qualify as a rookie but he was only on the major league squad for 2 months last year and sure isn't a veteran. Granderson has done great in the leadoff spot batting .289 with a .378 obp and has countless clutch hits and clutch runs. Another great assest with Curtis is his fielding. He has not committed an error all year and has made several spectacular plays in the spacious outfield of Comerica Park. Starting Pitcher, Justin Verlander, has all made a huge splash since joining the team this year. He has pitched lights out and has kept the team in many games. He's tied for the American League lead in wins and is 3rd in the AL with a 3.13 Earned Run Average. Those numbers are spectacular for a rookie who is new to Major League Baseball. The final rookie sensation that has made a huge impact is fireballer Joel Zumaya out of the bullpen. Zumaya has quickly become a fan favorite in Detroit with his blazing fastball that has been clocked at 104 mph on two separate occasions. He's 4-1 with 48 strikeouts in 38 innings. He has played outstandingly all year and has made some of the best hitters in baseball look silly with his 100+ mph gas. These three rookies are big reasons why the Detroit Tigers have gotten off to such a lightning fast start and they should continue it due to the help the youngsters have been getting from the veterans like Kenny Rogers, Pudge, and Carlos Guillen.

Pistons Trade Maurice Evans and Acquire Will Blalock

Maurice Evans is no longer a Piston. After one average at best season, he has been traded to the Lakers for their No. 51 pick, Senegalese center Cheick Samb. He's a 7' 1" center that weighs a measly 195 pounds. I don't like the idea of getting rid of Maurice, especially for someone that might not make the team, but I have all the faith in the world in Joe D and I know this will work out like all of our other moves.

Also, with the 60th pick of the draft, the Pistons drafted Will Blalock out of Iowa State. Joe Dumars feels like he got a steal with this pick, because he felt that Blalock would be an early second rounder and he was overall very pleased with the draft. I feel that neither of these two players will make an impact this year, but its quite possible they could become major players down the road.

28 June 2006

NBA Draft

The NBA Draft has just started, I'll give recaps on all the surpise picks that people didn't think would happen. If you think that its a weird pick, check in here and I'll make sure to give you my opinion.

Trade with Portland and Chicago
It just broke on ESPN, the Bulls are trading down with Portland. The Bulls selected LaMarcus Aldridge and will likely be traded to the Blazers for their draft pick and another player.

Trade Possibility Houston-Memphis
Rudy Gay could be heading to Memphis for Shane Battier. He'd fit in better being in a more low profile city like Memphis which will keep all the pressure off of him.

Trade Randy Foye for Brandon Roy
Minnesota gets Randy Foye and Portland gets Brandon Roy. Poor Brandon, he was in a good situation in Minnesota and had to go to that terrible situation in Portland.

Surprise of the Draft so far
4 of the top 12 picks will be a Center in the NBA. That's surprising to me since the NBA has become such a guard oriented league.

Another Trade
Thabo Sefolosha the 13th overall pick has been traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Chicago Bulls for their 16th pick.

First big shock for me
Indiana has picked Shawne Williams of Memphis. I thought they were going to go with Marcus Williams because of there slight need at point guard.

Probably will be the Biggest Shock of the Draft
The New York Knicks have selected Renaldo Balkman. Marcus Williams is still on the board, Isiah Thomas could have dug himself into a very big hole leaving a top 10 talent like Marcus Williams still on the board at the #20 pick.

Possibly another Trade
Rajon Rondo to the Celtics from the Suns

Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 25th pick. He should be able to provide a potent backcourt with Lebron James. Best of Luck in Cleveland, Shannon.

Suns to move out of the draft and trade there 27th pick to the Blazers. The 27th pick is Sergio Rodriguez. The Suns will receive cash in exchange.

Maurice Ager
Maurice Ager was selected by the Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks with the 28th pick. He should flourish under Avery Johnson and I know he will do well with the Mavs.

Paul Davis
Congratulations to Michigan State's Paul Davis. He was selected with the 34th pick of the 2006 NBA Draft. After 4 solid years of college at Michigan State he just barely slipped out of the first round and guaranteed money. Nonetheless, I wish Paul the best of luck with the Los Angeles Clippers and I know that he will succeed there.

Lions Ranked Terrible Again

In the most recent edition of ESPN'S Ultimate Depth Chart, the Lions once again were terribly ranked by their panel of 3 analysts. In pass defense we finished 28th in the league. I fail to see how we could be ranked 28th in the league. There were several worse teams ranked ahead of us, like the 49'ers, Texans, and Browns. I believe we have a fairly solid secondary with Dre Bly, and Kenoy Kennedy. Also they talked about how pass rush affected the pass defense, which is very true, but I do fail to see how our pass rush itself wouldn't boost us higher. Shaun Rogers, Sean Cody, and James Hall are a very good at the pass rush and they should have ranked us higher. Look for us to get at least a mid teens ranking tomorrow in rush defense because of our solid core of young linebackers and our good push on the d-line should be a recipe for success.

Who Will the Pistons Take?

The Pistons only have one pick in tonight's 60 pick 2 round draft. Well, since they had the best regular season record the Pistons will have the last pick of the draft. Now come the questions.

  1. What is the Pistons biggest need at this time?
  2. Can this need be addressed through the draft?
  3. Who will they take with the 60th pick?
  4. Is there a chance that this pick could make the team?
1. Right now, at this time, the Pistons biggest need is to take care of the Ben Wallace situation. But as for a need that can be addressed through the draft, I think that the biggest need that should be addressed is the Pistons lack of depth in the backcourt. There were to many times this year when the Pistons had scoring droughts without Rip or Chauncey carrying the load. Look for someone like Daniel Horton, Dee Brown, or Mike Gansey. They are all good "combo" guards who could play the point or the shooting guard position. The best part about being drafted by the Pistons is that none of those players would have to be involved right now and they could learn from Chauncey and Rip.

2. I think that it can be addressed for the future in the draft, but not for next year. The Pistons would need someone who is ready to contribute to a championship team, and no offense to Horton, Brown, or Gansey, they just aren't ready for pro basketball yet. I think that if you were to give them 2-3 years that they could become very solid performers on this team, but not for next years championship run.

3. I think that they will take Dee Brown with the 60th pick of the draft. He's a hard worker and really wants to succeed in the NBA. He knows how to win which is evident through Illinois nearly undefeated season 2 years ago. He is a good leader who knows how to play the game. As long as he is still on the board, this college graduate would be a good pick for the Pistons.

4. I think that there is a chance the pick could make the team. I don't think its probable, but it is definitely possible. I think that Amir Johnson or Alex Acker would have a better chance of making the team. I believe that if you were to give the draft pick some time to succeed overseas or in the NBDL they could very well turn into the steal of the draft.

Tigers All Stars

How many all-starts for the Tigers this year. It's a real tight race in my opinion. I think that Kenny Rogers is just about a lock and Justin Verlander has been solid and has a good ERA to go along with his 10 wins. Beyond those two everything else is just a roll of the dice. Magglio Ordonez seems to have good numbers, but then I think about his less than stellar relationship with AL All Star Manager Ozzie Guillen and I believe he will take Jermaine Dye over Maggs. Pudge is another good candidate but as it stands right now, Varitek would start, and theres not a doubt in my mind that Mauer will get in, his numbers have been outstanding. If Ozzie decides to take 3 catchers it comes down to Pudge and Martinez from Cleveland in my opinion. It seems close, and the fact that his offensive numbers are just about even and Pudge is a Gold Glove catcher, if Ozzie selects a third catcher, it should be Pudge.

Tigers Sweep Houston

The Detroit Tigers have now run the winning streak up to 6 games. After a 3 game sweep of the NL Central leading Cardinals, they swept another NL Central powerhouse in the Houston Astros. The scoring started off in the bottom of the 4th inning. It looked as though that the inning should have been over but shortstop Eric Bruntlett botched a ball hit by Marcus Thames and Pudge Rodriguez scored on the play. The Tigers then broke the game open in the bottom of the 6th. In the bottom of the 6th the Tigers capitalized on an error just like they did in the bottom of the 4th. Then in a big surprise with third baseman Mike Lamb playing deep, Craig Monroe dropped a bunt down the 3rd base line and Carlos Guillen scored while Monroe was safe at first. Then in the next at-bat Brandon Inge laced a single to center and Marcus Thames, who was on second, scored on the play. Placido Polanco and Pudge Rodriguez led the bottom of the 7th inning off with back to back singles. Then Alexis Gomez bunted them up to 2nd and 3rd. Carlos Guillen was then intentionally walked to load the bases. Andy Pettitte was then pulled after walking Marcus Thames and forcing in a run. Brad Lidge relieved Pettitte after the bases loaded walk. In Lidge's first batter he faced, he threw a wild pitch and Pudge Rodriguez scored his second run of the game. The Tigers went into the 8th inning with a five run lead. Justin Verlander pitched a 1-2-3 8th inning and Jason Grilli finished the 9th for a 5-0 win.

Phil's Phenoms

3. Pudge Rodriguez, He finished the game with 2 hits and 2 runs and bumped his average to above .300 for the season.

2. Craig Monroe, Usually someone who goes 1-4 won't be a star in the game, but he showed today that he's in this thing for the team. Instead of trying to drive in Guillen with a hit, he laid down a perfect bunt and got the RBI anyway and his first base-hit bunt of the year.

1. Justin Verlander, He went 8 strong innings while giving up only 3 hits. He had great movement on his pitches and became the 2nd pitcher in the American League to 10 wins. He's tied with Detroit's own Kenny Rogers. He also lowered his ERA to 3.12 which is 3rd best in the American League. Great Game Tonight Justin.

Tigers Day Game Today

The Tigers have a day game that is just about to have the first pitch thrown. It's not on TV today in the local Detroit area so check it out on AM Radio 1270 and then come back here for a full wrap up of today's game.

Lions Pull in Another Low Ranking from ESPN

Charles Rogers is my X-Factor for this Years Recieving Corp.

After what I viewed as a low ranking in the running back area, the lions recieved what I deemed was about right in our recievers area. Don't get me wrong, I think that the Lions recievers will quite possibly have breakthrough years this year, but it does not surprise me that the experts don't think that way. Ever since Charles Rogers was drafted, our first round wide reciever draft picks have not exactly performed up to the hype. Roy Williams did have quite a great rookie season but he hit a sophomore lull just like Kevin Jones did last year. Expect Mike Williams to break out for a 900 yard 7 td year and be well on his way to being a successful pro. Roy Williams should follow suit like his rookie season and expect him to flourish under Mike Martz. Corey Bradford should provide some solid veterean leadership and finish with some respectable numbers. The X-Factor for the recieving corp. in my opinion is Charles Rogers. There are several big "IFS" with him. If he makes the team, he will start at the bottom of the depth chart. I think that if he keeps working he could very well crack the starting lineup. He has the talent I just don't know about the work ethic. Expect Mr. Rogers to make the team but not make a huge impact. Well, ESPN ranked us 24th for our recieving corps. and I completlely understand. I believe that we could very well become a top 10 recieving team, but it hinges on how the players respond to Mike Martz and if Charles Rogers can advert double teams away from Roy and Mike Williams and become a solid player on this team.

27 June 2006

Tigers fight off the Rocket, Get to the Bullpen

After 6 1/2 innings of scoreless baseball, the Detroit Tigers finally broke through. After recording an easy out to Pudge, Roger Clemens got himself into a little bit of trouble. He then proceeded to walk Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen, and then was pulled for relief pitcher Dan Wheeler. The first batter Wheeler faced, Craig Monroe, hit a double to deep left and drove in two runs. Then after a throwing error by Morgan Ensberg that would have ended the inning, Craig Monroe scored and Brandon Inge was safe at First. Then in the top of the 8th inning, Joel Zumaya the tigers stud right handed relief pitcher, got himself into a little trouble. After giving up a single to Craig Biggio and walking Jason Lane he got himself into a bit of a jam. He then got a pop up to the foul ground near first out of Morgan Ensberg and then proceeded to strikeout the next two batters, including the National League's RBI leader, Lance Berkman. Then in the bottom of the Eighth after a Curtis Granderson, Alexis Gomez hit his first big league homerun to deep right field. Congratulations Alexis. Then in the top of the ninth with a 4 run lead, Todd "Roller Coaster" Jones came in for a fairly easy 1-2-3 inning.

Phils Phenoms (This will be the part of my blog where i pay some love to the players that played a great game)

4. Craig Monroe-Came up with the big double in the 7th inning off Dan Wheeler. Hopefully this could break Craig out of the slump he's been in since he hurt his ankle. His final stats 1 hit 1 RBI 1 Run Scored. Great clutch hitting tonight Craig.

3. Roger Clemens-He pitched superb all night, He's a great top notch pitch and 6 1/3 innings of three hit one run ball against the Tigers are good numbers.

2. Nate Roberston-He Dueled Clemens all night and pitched a spectacluar game. He gave up no runs and scattered 6 hits thru seven innings. Great Game Nate.

1. Alexis Gomez-He went 1-1 in the game. You may wonder why he's my #1 phenom, the reason is that he hit his first major league homerun. Congratulations Again Alexis.

Yzerman to Decide on Retirement Saturday

In a story I found on mlive.com the future of the Detroit Red Wings Captain, Steve Yzerman, will most likely be decided on Saturday. In an interview while he was at a Western Michigan Whitecaps game. He says that he is in good health and that he still loves playing hockey. He said that if he were to come back it would be in only a more limited role and that he would not want to be a detriment to the team. He said he really wanted to have a strong run this year during the playoffs. In my opinion, the fact that this team was bounced from the first round of the playoffs is actually a good thing for all of the Yzerman supporters of the world. I expect his passion for the game will bring him back for one more year so he can get one final chance to win an exclusive Stanley Cup.

ESPN on the Lions Running Back Situation

As i was watching Sportscenter this morning, as they had done yesterday, they were previewing teams situation at certain positions. Well today was the running backs, and much to my surprise we were ranked extremely low. I know that KJ had a pretty rough statistical year but he should recover in my opinion after a down 2nd year. ESPN ranked us 28th and that seems quite low to me.

With someone with as much talent as Kevin Jones, him by himself should have gotten us a ranking into at least the mid-teens. Throw in 3rd round draft pick Brian Calhoun, and a solid inside runner with Artose Pinner, I expected to see our Lions somewhere around the 12-15 area. But I also understand ESPN'S view on the subject. We have a brand new coach and don't know how he will run the offense. Mike Martz is our offensive coordinator and god knows he loves to throw the football. But with a solid and improving offensive line, expect the running attack to do nothing but improve, especially with what I feel will be a re-energized and re-juvenated Kevin Jones.

My NBA Mock Draft

Andrea Bargnani is my choice for the first pick in the 2006 NBA Draft

Well with the NBA Draft only a day away, I figured it would be a good way to start my blog off with a bang. I will post a mock draft for the Top 10 picks with reasoning for selections for all 10 teams. I will also provide insight on where Michigan State Stars, Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown and Paul Davis could be selected. There will also be some insight on where Michigan Point Guard, Daniel Horton, could end up continuing his career at.

1. Toronto-Andrea Bargnani , Power Forward , Italy
From what I have heard, Andrea Bargnani has all the makings to be the next Dirk Nowitzki. To go along with his large 6-11 frame is a good head on his shoulders. He seems to always make good passes and has a great sense for the game of basketball. He would go great with Charlie Villaneuava in the post and they could provide a potent 1-2 combo for years to come.

2. Chicago-Lamarcus Aldridge, Power Forward/Center, Texas
Lamarcus is strong and can jump out of the building. In addition to being a tremendous athlete he could very well turn into a great post presence on both ends of the floor. I feel he's a good pick with the Bulls at the second selection because he could back up Tyson Chandler and very well might take his place by mid-season.

3. Charlotte-Adam Morrison, Small Forward, Gonzaga
Mr. Morrison has an uncanny ability to score the basketball. Along with Raymond Felton, Emeka Okafor, and Sean May, they could provide not only the most talented group of players in the league, but also the youngest core and would provide much hope for the fans in Charlotte.

4. Portland- Tyrus Thomas, Power Forward, LSU
He is a super athlete that has all the potential in the world. He helped lead LSU on a fantastic run to the Final Four, and could end up turning into a great low post presence in his career. In my honest opinion i don't think he is as good as advertised, but I believe Portland will pick him up to try and compliment Zach Randolph.

5. Atlanta- Rudy Gay, Small Forward, Connecticut
Rudy is a phenomenal athlete who I feel would have been the #1 pick last year, had he decided to come out. He is a solid rebounder and has a great sense of putting the ball in the hole. Along with last year's #1 pick, Marcus Williams, they could provide matchup nightmares for years to come.

6. Minnesota- Randy Foye, Guard, Villanova
The Timberwolves seem to have fallen in love with Foye. I feel that they want to trade down a little, but the fear of him being gone is what worries them. I expect Foye to go in this spot and flourish with an up and coming Minnesota Team.

7. Boston- Marcus Williams, Point Guard, Connecticut
I have been hearing alot about Rajon Rondo going to the Celtics. Marcus Williams seems like a much more natural fit. He has a natural gift of passing the ball and would be more comfortable in the New England Lifestyle since he played at Connecticut while Rondo was at Kentucky.

8. Houston- Brandon Roy, Guard, Washington
After a solid season last year, Roy's stock went thru the roof. He turned from what I thought was a late First Rounder at the beginning of the year, to a solid lottery pick for the upcoming draft. He would be a nice compliment to Tracy McGrady. Expect him to be heading to Houston.

9. Golden State- Shelden Williams, Forward/Center, Duke
He is a natural winner who will bring a winning attitude to the Golden State Franchise. He is a shot blocking presence and in my honest opinion the most NBA ready player in the draft. He has all the tools to suceed right away. Expect him to be the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year next year.

10. Seattle- Rajon Rondo, Point Guard, Kentucky
Rajon is extremely Gifted and could be the most talented player in the draft. He has a great court sense and would be a great addition to help get Ray Allen the ball. The Luke Ridnour experiment is over.

21. Phoenix- Shannon Brown, Guard, Michigan State
Shannon is extremely athletic and is very naturally gifted. The one thing holding him back from being a top 10 pick is the fact that he's a little small. Listed around 6' 3" he's a little to small to be a shooting guard, but doesn't have the best ball handling skills in the world. A very big plus with Shannon is the fact that he has big hands, and has definetly has NBA 3 point range. I can only imagine how he would flourish with Steve Nash at point guard. Look for Shannon to go in the 20ish range and he will go to a team where he will fit in with an up and down style like Phoenix.

24. Memphis- Maurice Ager, Guard, Michigan State
Ager, like his counterpart from Michigan State is one of the most physically gifted players in this draft. His vertical is through the roof and he and Shannon should both benefit with no high schoolers being in this draft. Memphis is in need of a legitamate backcourt threat to go with Pau Gasol up front, and Ager is definetly capable of putting up some big scoring numbers.

25. Cleveland- Paul Davis, Forward/Center, Michigan State
Davis is a good solid rebounder with a good work ethic. The thing that I believe he is missing is a "Killer Instinct". At times at Michigan State he seemed to lack a drive or that "Killer Instinct". Although I think he has room to improve, he has a great 12-15 foot jump shot and would most likely flourish in Cleveland. He could play with and learn from an aging veteran in Ilgauskas and would not have any pressure on his delicate shoulders with Lebron James in town.

Daniel Horton- Undrafted

Daniel Horton is a solid all-around player. Being a Michigan State fan, I hated his team, but I have the utmost respect for Daniel. He's a hard worker, a gamer, and he never gets down on himself. He can put the ball in the basket and he knows how to play the game the right way. In my opinion, falling out of the 2nd round could actually turn out to be a good thing for Mr. Horton. If you fall to fall out of the First Round, you end up get stuck being a good player that is stuck on a great team. For example, I don't think he would be a good fit on a team like the Pistons, Mavericks, Spurs, etc. Because they draft later in the 2nd round, if he were to go undrafted, I feel he would have a much better chance of getting a chance to make a squad like Atlanta that has been struggling for the past few years.


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